High Moon (fka Howlers) Review

High Moon (2019)

Directed By: Josh Ridgway

Starring: Chad Michael Collins, Chelsea Edmundson, Sean Patrick Flanery, Tom Zembrod & Matthew Tompkins

Synopsis: Chad Michael Collins (Sony Pictures’ SNIPER franchise) stars as Colt, a monster hunter from the mid-1800s who made it his mission to vanquish every living “howler” after a band of such lycanthropes murdered his wife. After fulfilling his quest for vengeance, ‘Colt’ gladly accepts the embrace of death. But it seems fate has other ideas, as he finds himself very much alive in the present day, where he learns that the arch-nemesis who slaughtered his family is also resurrected: Willie Price (Tom Zembrod) and his gang of outlaws.
His life restored and his mission renewed, Colt hunts down his foes as they ravage a small town, crossing paths with a beautiful widow (Chelsea Edmundson), a skeptical sheriff (Matthew Tompkins), and a morally bankrupt mayor (Sean Patrick Flanery) as he navigates a completely changed modern world in his pursuit.


I loved everything about this movie, it felt like a John Carpenter movie with a little more bite. Chad Michael Collins plays Colt a Badass cowboy werewolf hunter, who after dying in the 1800’s wakes up in the modern day to find that the werewolves he thought he put six feet under are roaming and have traded their horses for, well…. steel horses and now are wrecking havoc in a local town. Colt is everybit as Badass as we would expect, his dress sense immediately flagged up a Chuck Norris, ‘Walker Texas Ranger’ vibe, and too top that off the movie also name drops Chuck Norris!

The score throughout had some definite carpenter nods which brought a smile to my face and had me cheering Colt on throughout. Another bonus was their is no time wasted with pointless scenes, every scene matters. For horror fans don’t panic their is plenty of bloods, guts, gore, hearts being ripped out, body parts strewn about etc, you will get your fill. Action fans you guys are also in luck Colt wields knives, axes and has his trusty six shooter which he just may… MAY…… draw quicker then Clint himself.

With characters waking up from the old West to modern days we do get moments where for instance Colt learns to drive. Being the badass he is it is obvious he gets himself a muscle car, but towards the end he is standing next to a Dodge Ram Pick-up truck….. Another subtle Walker Texas Ranger nod!?

I thoroughly had a blast watching this, every character for me was well written, The Sheriff played by Matthew Tompkins was my second fave character along with Chelsea Edmundson who was far from a damsel in distress! Sean Patrick Flanery doesn’t have much screen time but does get to get in on the action. Our main Villain is played by Tom Zembrod and he is having an absolute HOWL playing our lead villain and you never get bored of his screen time or character. The movie has a couple of cool twists and leaves the door wide open for more movies, which makes me happy.

Director Josh Ridgway and leading man Chad Michael Collins have definitely created something special here and I for one have seen a universe open up and plenty of ways this franchise can go, whether it be prequel, Sequel or TV series I am willing to follow this character on any and every journey he takes. This movie gets a seal…. Or should I say I HOWL of approvement from me


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