Hollow Point (2019) Review


Hollow Point (2019)

Directed By: Daniel Zirilli

Starring: Luke Goss, Dilan Jay, JuJu Chan, Jay Mohr, Bill Duke, Michael Paré

Synopsis: When his wife and daughter are senselessly murdered, a college professor finds himself caught up in a war between a group of charismatic vigilantes and the criminals that infest their city.

Review: I had missed initial screeners but eventually got around to seeing this movie and it was brilliant. I was already a fan of movies Daniel Zirilli had put his name to previously and also a fan of Luke Goss. Instantly sold.

The lead in this movie is Dilan Jay, who proves his action chops. In a shorter version of course his character follows the same sort of path as Van Damme’s character did in the movie ‘In Hell’. As in, he goes into prison and ordinary man and turns himself into a fighting machine. He meets Luke Goss’s character who is a lawyer and takes his case, and also gives him the guidance he needs to survive inside.

Once out of prison Nolan (Dilan Jay) ends up working alongside a vigilante group which brings the big criminals down. Though at first he questions if what they’re doing is right and if they are just as bad as the criminals they hunt. By the end of the film, he manages to find out the answer to his question.

Luke Goss fans will be happy to know that he gets a fair amount of fight scenes. Juju Chan and Michael Pare also star in smaller roles and get to showcase some ass-kicking skills.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see Jay Mohr who I haven’t seen on the screen since horror movie Cherry Falls. He had buffed out and looked quite badass, he played a villain you truly wanted to get his comeuppance.

The movie was very enjoyable and Daniel Zirilli knows how to direct a solid action movie and Chad and Evan Law know their way around an action when it comes to the writing. It was a great combo of Zirilli-Law. I hope for a follow up movie.


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