*Interview* Action Legend Mark Dacascos, Chats His New Movie and Some John Wick


AR:Hello Mark, thank you for dropping by to talk to me about your new movie ‘The Driver’

MD:Hello Jeff, Good evening, thank you for the interview.

AR: Your new movie ‘The Driver’ a fun watch, what drew you to the project?

MD: I love that it’s a different take on the Zombie movies. I am a fan of Zombie movies and I know there are alot of us out there. This story was very intimate, it’s a family story that has the elements of love and relationships inside this apocalyptic world. I loved it. The story arc with the young girl who is forced to become an adult in order for survival. These story elements captivated me. I told the director that I need to do this once I read the script and that I would like my daughter and wife to portray those actual roles in the movie because I think we could bring something special to it. It was a very special project to me.

AR: I believe this movie is part of a trilogy?

MD: Yes it is. The Driver is number 3 of the trilogy. It can be watched individual movie. The first part of the franchise is already shot i think and the second is in pre-production and they’re trying to get that going very soon.

AR: Your daughters character really evolves throughout the movie. Will there be a follow up movie?

MD: After a screening loads of people asked the exact same thing. So there has been talks of a follow up. On the side of making it. We are into the idea of making another movie. So we will see what happens. I have my fingers crossed.

AR: I like the way your character ‘The Driver’ was such a badass, yet we never fully got a back story. It was very Clint Eastwood Esque.

MD: I found that very interesting aswell. We as human there are so many aspects of us. Not knowing about my character in terms of having a darkside. So it was about seeing the side he was at home rather than ‘at work’ so to speak. It’s not simply a black and white character. He had many shades of grey. I found that fascinating. I loved the characters and the intimate take on the Zombie apocalypse.

AR: To slightly go off topic… John Wick 3! How was the shoot!!

MD: **Laughs** it was fantastic, you know how that project came about for me at all?

AR: No sir, I haven’t..

MD: Okay, I’ll fill you in..

MD: I was in New York doing some Shakespeare. Then I get a call from my agent and was told that Chad Stalheski from the John Wick movies would like to meet me. Of course I was ecstatic. So I went in and met Chad and Jojo his action design man. Chad said you know I would love you to take part in John Wick 3. We already have our lead villain Hiroyuki Sanada is playing the character zero, but I would like to give you a future cameo. A fight scene and some character work. Cut to a couple of months later and I know there getting ready for production and I haven’t heard from Chad. So I wondered what was going. A while later on a Sunday night I get a text from Chad saying ‘Dacascos give me a call Monday morning’
I called Chad Monday morning and he said “Things have changed, Hiroyuki is no longer part of production but I would like to offer you the lead role of Zero”
I immediately told Chad ” yes please, thank you! I’m honoured” He said “read the script first”
To which I replied ” listen I don’t have too”

After reading the script he sent over I rang him back and asked if I could play a few things differently and he was on board with that. I asked what do you need me to do and he said “Come tonight” so I get on a plane Monday night and arrive Tuesday morning, we prep on Wednesday and I’m shooting on Thursday. That’s how it was, I didn’t have any months of training. Fortunately for me Keanu Reeves is really as everybody says and Chad is so open arms and enthusiastic and collaborative as was all the cast and crew. **Laughs** To answer your question I had a blast. It was a highlight of my professional and personal life. I am still flying on cloud nine.

AR: It was amazing seeing you back on the big screen

MD: Thank you Jeff

AR:Before we wrap, I loved your Expendables type movie Ultimate Justice. Can we expect a follow-up?

MD: Wow thank you I appreciate that. I don’t know, that’s a very good question. I will be sure to ask the producers. Good question.

AR: Thank you so much for your time Mark

MD: Thank you man, take care, bye!


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