*Interview* Jean Reno

Ronin 1988 real John Frankenheimer Jean Reno. COLLECTION CHRISTOPHEL © Patrick Camboulive / FGM Entertainment / United Artists Corporation.

Hello Jean, how are you doing?

I’m okay, how are you?

I’m good thanks, well as good as can be during this strange time. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me

You’re welcome, yeah it’s strange. I have been in the South of France with my family in a small village.

Your latest release, The Doorman. You play the villain, what drew you to the role?

It was a fun role and it was different to other roles I had starred in, I liked the story, I really wanted to do it.

You and the director Ryuhei Kitamura were both part of the Godzilla franchise at separate times, did you exchange stories?

Yeah, we talked a little about it, Godzilla is really big in Japan sort of like a myth. We spoke a little about our experiences on the movies.

Do you enjoy playing the villain roles in movies?

Yeah I do, The Doorman we shot the movie in Bucharest and it was very nice to shoot there.

Through your career you have been involved in many genres, do you have a favorite?

For the ambiance, Comedy, it’s easier and everyone’s laughing. But it depends on the crew and cast also.

Speaking of the comedy genre, your latest comedy, the series Die Hart with Kevin Hart and John Travolta, it looked like a blast to be a part of, will you return for the second series?

I don’t know, but I was happy to work with John and Kevin it was great fun too shoot. I had a good time.

Most people associate you with the role Leon, what’s it like to get so much attention for that role?

The audience is great, movies belong to the audience. I am happy to be recognised for a role I had fun with.

The first movie I had seen you in was Mission Impossible, do you follow the franchise?

No, because I died in the first one *Laughs*

Another hit was Ronin with Robert De Niro, what was it like working alongside him?

He is a very good actor and man, I had such a good time on set with him.

Apart from the Doorman you were also in Da 5 Bloods..

Yes, Spike Lee. It was released on Netflix. I like Spike Lee and his work and I was very happy he came to me about a role for the movie. Spike is a great director. I wouldn’t have said no.

When going into a movie role do you look for characters or story?

It goes together if you like the story and if you can see yourself being part of the story then you can bring that character to life.

Out of curiosity, with all the Hollywood remakes and sequels have they tried to resurrect Leon?

No. The past is the past. It’s all done. I had worked with Luc Besson and we had a strong friendship and he knew what I could do and I knew what he wanted. It went hand in hand, so to speak.

What’s next after The Doorman?

I am in Spain doing a series for Amazon. It’s action, adventure with alot of humor and it’s well written. It’s called Private Affair and will air next year.

Thank you for your time Jean

Thank you, have a nice evening, Jeff


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