*Interview* Mark Dacascos Talks One Night In Bangkok & More


AR: Welcome back to Action Reloaded Mark!

MD: Hey Jeff It’s good to see you this time as last we spoke was on the phone

AR: With the world in such a crazy time how have you spending your time in lockdown?

MD: Well we are fortunate because we live out in nature. We have tons of hills and parks and mountains within five minutes of a walk from the house. I have been spending alot time with our dogs, going on hill runs and hikes. In the house i am an avid reader and i have done even more of that. Recently i have just finished reading The Illiot by homer its almost 600 pages and I read every single page and character out loud *laughs*. I had a blast it was good vocal training, articulation of breath and just learning about the characters was fascinating.

AR: Any scripts written while locked down?

MD: Yes, i am writing. I’m working on the one man show and my wife has encouraged me to write down some of the crazy times i have had a things i learned in martial arts and travelling. So I’m writing a book of alot of essays and martial arts.

AR: That sounds really cool and interesting, give me a heads up when its going to be released

MD: Thank you! Don’t worry i will

AR: Your most recent movie One Night In Bangkok, is once again with Wych and has a family theme. This time around its revenge. Does the family element attract you to scripts?

MD: *laughs* well i don’t look for revenge necessarily, but it’s interesting you say that because in terms of family it always interesting and there are deep relationships whether the characters are close or not. There’s always that to explore. I like the dynamics, the depth and it’s very universal all over the world because we are all part of a family.

AR:The movie was shot on location, right?

MD: Yes, shot on location in Bangkok, Thailand. I love Thailand and i love working with Wych and his team it was another joyous time.

AR: It great to see you back in a gritty action/thriller. You have been missed from the genre. Can we expect to see more of these roles ahead?

MD: Thank you! Oooh Jeff! That’s a good question. I hope so. I am waiting to find out from Keanu, Chad and Lionsgate if Zero from the third movie was able to catch his breath or not. Which I hope so. I love working with the cast and team. In terms of other action it is certainly a possibility. I hope so but it’s all a matter of finding projects I am interested in and are right for. I always look for how the story and characters make me feel. I remember thinking, before I did John Wick 3. I had finished another season of Iron Chef America and a sequel to a hallmark movie, then to John Wick 3 then onto Hawaii Five-0 and then I did The Driver with Wych. It comes down to diversity and how the story makes me feel.

AR: You and Wych have a great working relationship! Can we expect a Mark and Wych Trilogy?

MD:We do. I hope so I love working with Wych, his sensibility, his creativity. He’s very educated and experienced technician but he’s also and artist and a wonderful writer and director. I like to believe we click and have another movie together. There are stories he has sent me and i have to say that everything he sends me is really good. Its just a matter of can we pull the logistics together and timing, but i do hope we have third movie.

AR:What was it like filming that end fight, going toe to toe with Kane Kosugi!?

MD: Kane is a physical athletic specimen and i have to say he balances that out with being a lovely human being. As an actor he’s a true professional he has great energy and is really collaborative and positive. To work with him was an extreme pleasure..

AR: Extreme is right!

MD: *laughs* Well yeah he beat the crap out of me, it was really fun to work with him and I hope I get another chance to work with Kane, It was a real joy.

AR: What was the shoot like?

MD: We done everything in anout 3 weeks plus, it was a quick shoot. But as you know alot of it was very contained, in the car one on one. Vanita Golten our lead girl done a fantastic job, the character she played was vulnerable, open hearted but still strong. There was so much going on in her characters life and with that being in the car, she had to bring that to life with eyes and energy, she done a wonderful job bringing that to life.

AR: I was looking at your filmography and i saw a movie titled Assault On VA-33

MD: Never heard of that *Laughs* interesting.

AR: How was guest starring back on Hawaii Five-0 for the final season?

MD: It was bitter sweet, because the show was wrapping up after 10 seasons. Have you been to Hawaii?

AR: Not yet Mark

MD: Well if you’re interested in going or get the opportunity to go I hope you take it because to me I can’t help but be biased as I was born there and all the kids were born there. It had a magical feeling you get off the plane and the air is thick and warm and inviting, its fragranr you can smell the flowers and sea salt it’s all so fresh. Its so relaxing and opens your heart. Working in Hawaii and especially on Hawaii Five-0, the cast and crew embodied the Aloha spirt and made it such a pleasure to work on the show. It was bitter because it was ending but sweet because to be back and finish up the series with that episode. Nothing but love for the cast and crew of Hawaii Five-0

AR: What’s next after One Night In Bangkok?

MD: Okay, there’s a really cool project and i have done all my part for it and it’s in post production. We are not even allowed to say anything about it. Not even we’re apart of it. Its a big show and it will be out either the end of this year or the beginning of next. But we have a stellar cast and so exciting.
There’s another show i am supposed to be going to, its over seas, if we can figure out how to make it work with the Covid situation right now. It’s a go they’re are just waiting on how i can get there legally and safely *laughs*

AR: Thank you for your time Mark, it was amazing to have you back

MD: I appreciate it, Take care


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