*Interview* Scream Queen KateLynn E. Newberry Talks Her Career & What’s Next

[Photo courtesy of KateLynn E Newberry]

AR: Hi KateLynn how are you?

KN: Hey I’m good, what about you?

AR: I’m, all good thanks, thank you for coming to chat with me

KN: Of course, no problem!

AR: To start off, what got you into acting?

KN: That’s a fantastic question! I didn’t really have an ambition to be an actress, I was leaning more to being a vocalist when I first started my journey in the entertainment industry. There was interest from an agent in L.A. to be an actress. I had never acted before, so I declined and stayed in Ohio and tried acting to see if I would like it and I did more so than music. I moved to Georgia and have been pursuing more roles and see what Georgia has to offer me.

AR: Your filmography suggests your heavily into horror movies or you have just been typecast *laughs*

KN: *laughs* yeah it is one of my fave for sure. They’re really fun to make as well, they’re fun sets to be on and every day is different you never know what’s going to happen on a horror set. You could have like bodies hanging from trees and stuff like that.

AR: Would you have had a favourite horror movie growing up?

KN: I didn’t really watch a lot of horror growing up, I do remember loving IT as a kid. I really love Tim Curry, in everything *laughs*

AR: Even though you weren’t planning to be an actress, were there any people you looked up to in the industry?

KN: No…. Tim Curry *laughs*, I love him. My favourite movie growing up was the Rocky Horror Movie Show. I think Tim can play anything. He is very charismatic, he is very inspirational to me. Also, Taika Waititi both on and off camera, he is so charismatic and fun to watch, it’s amazing to see where he came from to where he is now. He is probably my biggest inspiration right now.

AR: I am assuming if a role comes up with Tim you’re there front and center

KN: OMG, I’m there *laughs*

AR: Your latest movie is Devils Junction! It must have been fun being on set with Bill Moseley.

KN: I didn’t ever get to be on set with him unfortunately. I had been working two different projects at the same time and the day he was on, I was on something different. I enjoyed myself on that set, I had so much fun. It was one of those sets where you get on and you don’t know what is going to happen.

AR: The movie portrayed you as the lead, but then we realise. You’re not.

KN: *laughs* Yeah, yeah

AR: How did you get involved?

KN: I was out in Kentucky working on another film and got called from the first AD. There was a person who dropped out and I knew the AD. He couldn’t think of anyone else to play the character. I had only two days to prepare for the role.

AR: For people that haven’t seen it yet, what could you tell them about your character?

KN: I think my character was very tough but it was like a front, she was sweet and very defensive of her friends. She was very close to the Dot character. She was very level-headed and knew that there was something that wasn’t quite right going on, and she knows she needs to get out of there.

AR:Can you relate to your character?

KN: Oh yeah, for sure. That character is a lot like me in very different ways. I am very level-headed, In a situation like that I would have responded the same way. I am also very protective of my friends I do feel like I am like that character in some ways.

AR: What was the shoot like?

KN: Yeah, it was a short shoot with long hours, maybe two weeks? I only shot for two weeks. I think they may have had extra days. We were on set 5 or 6 days a week for about 12 hours. That’s normal especially in independent movies I love being on set.

AR: If you had to recommend 5 of your movies to watch, what would they be?

KN: Widows Point which was released September 1st on Amazon. That’s great. I did a short film I loved doing called Notes From Melanie with director Chris Stuckmann he’s a good friend of mine. It’s on YouTube for free. Another movie due for release is called Straight Jacket which is honestly one of my favourite movies I have worked on before. I play an addict. It’s a drama and has a wonderful story. American Poltergeist it’s on Amazon. Another drama coming out that switches between a period piece and modern times. I star in the period piece titled crooked dance.

AR: Is there a genre you haven’t worked in, that you would like to?

KN: I would love to do a mockumentaty, they’re amazing. What we do in the shadows was amazing, it was one of my favourite films, I would love to do a movie like that.

AR: Are there any actors or directors you would like to work with but haven’t currently?

KN:One of my goals as an actress would be to work with Taika Waititi, What We Do In The Shadows is like a masterpiece to me *laughs* I love it so much. Taika has this way of blending drama and comedy better than anyone I have ever seen. When I watched Jojo Rabbit I was laughing one second and bawling my eyes out the next. I haven’t seen many directors do it the way he does.

AR: What’s next in line for release for you?

KN: I am getting set for a pilot I can’t really talk about. I will be shooting it in the next couple of months, It’s a comedy.

AR: Thank you so much for your time KateLynn, loved having you here

KN: Thank you, I appreciate it!


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