Jack Reacher 3? Will Tom Round Off The Franchise With A Trilogy


The first Jack Reacher movie was pretty damn awesome it was based on the ninth Jack Reacher novel by author Lee Child titled One Shot. I am a big Tom Cruise fan so I maybe a little biased but I enjoyed it. Tom was badass as Jack Reacher and it had some very memorable moments, for instance the bar fight where Tom’s Jack Reacher takes on 5 or 6 guys with ease. Tom is quite the action star always putting himself in harm’s way just to make a movie 1000 times better and he looks pretty damn awesome kicking ass it even looks like he does all his own fight scenes which on a Cruise scale probably isn’t much of a challenge. I know Dwayne Johnson was turned down in favour of Tom Cruise which I think was a good call. I love Dwayne’s movies but this just has Tom’s stamp all over it. Though I would love to see Dwayne do a serious full scale action movie instead of the usual popcorn flicks.

Tom reprised the role of Jack Reacher for the second movie titled Never Go Back, which was the eighteenth book in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. This time around we saw Jack Reacher going on the run with a tough female army major who was framed and imprisoned. Tom Cruise once again delivered as Jack Reacher this time I felt we saw more of the loner/ drifter side to Jack, moving town to town. The side story of Jack being a potential parent and learning to care for his ‘daughter’ was a pretty cool touch. Tom’s acting range once again proves he is multi-dimensional when it comes to acting.

While we have books 1 and 18 as movies there is still a whole vast universe to be explored for the Jack Reacher character, I know not all the novels can be adapted to film but it would be pretty awesome to have Tom round it off as a trilogy atleast. When I asked Chris Mcquarrie about a third movie on twitter he replied with ‘Its not out of the question’.

With Tom being busy with the Mission Impossible franchise maybe he could round Jack Reacher off a trilogy and maybe Jack Reacher could live on in series form.


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