Mercenary For Justice (2006) Review


Directed By: Don E. FauntLeRoy

Starring: Steven Seagal, Luke Goss, Michael Kenneth Williams & Jacqueline Lord

Synopsis: Steven Seagal plays tough mercenary John Seeger in this high octane actioner. When Seeger is blackmailed into leading a highly dangerous rescue attempt to free a billionaire’s kidnapped son in South Africa, he goes along with the mission. But when Seeger finds out that he’s been double-crossed the gloves come off – and now there’s going to be hell to pay. Also starring Luke Goss and Michael Kenneth Williams.

Review: Signature Entertainment are re-releasing Mercenary For Justice on digital platforms and Amazon Prime, I was lucky enough to get a first hand look before release.

Mercenary For Justice is alot of fun and Seagal’s character John Seeger could easily pass for Gino in Out For Justice [Even though they both movie titles end in Justice, they’re not related]. Seeger kicks ass and doesn’t even bother to take names, a throwback fight which is memorable is in a bathroom where Seagal twists and snaps anything and everything the guy throws at him before giving him a neck-breaking finisher – classic old school Seagal, fans will love it.

Director Don E. FauntLeroy directed three Seagal movies – Today You Die, Mercenary For Justice and Urban Justice [Renegade Justice] – each movie delivering some awesome action sequences and bringing back some of the 90s style Seagal we all remember. Seagal seemed to love being a part of these movies and looked committed to the roles.

Mercenary For Justice is a fun action movie and features a fun storyline with some trademark Seagal action! We also get action star Luke Goss in a supporting role, Goss and Seagal later reunited for the action thriller Killing Salazar which Goss was the lead and Seagal was support.

Fans of Seagal will not regret re-visiting Mercenary For Justice, it has break-neck action scenes, a really cool opening with Seagal in tactical gear – giving us a glimpse of what he would look like if he joined The Expendables franchise – and to too it off Seagal’s John Seeger is one badass character!

Signature Entertainment presents Mercenary For Justice on Digital Platforms 5th April and on Amazon Prime Video 16th April


2 thoughts on “Mercenary For Justice (2006) Review

  1. I disagree to an extent. You say “Seagal seemed to love being a part of these movies and looked committed to the roles.” But he’s so removed from a lot of the film and there’s all the voice dubbing and shadows cast over his face etc that ruins it. I agree there are some highlights though. It’s one I keep coming back to. Don E. FauntLeroy’s films with Seagals are my favourite from this period. I have real soft spot for TODAY YOU DIE even with (and in some cases because of) all the recycled footage, the confusing plot and fight doubling etc. The filming of MERCENARY (as it was originally called) and TODAY YOU DIE resulted in law suit because producers accused Seagal of “routinely arriving late on the set, rewriting the script and allowing members of his entourage to interfere with the work of crew members.” – reported in the Los Angeles Times. Given his reputation and the problems with so many of his films, I’m inclined to believe it. MFJ has some good stuff in it, but it definitely suffers from some flaws and inconsistencies. One thing I don’t like is how he does the heist and mercilessly kills innocent security guards. It’s not like they’re Stormtroopers on the Death Star.

    1. Thanks for commenting Richard. I love your work.
      His ‘Don Trilogy’, I am a huge fan of. There’s loads about Seagal that always draws me back. Even if the movie isn’t the best quality I always find something that I like.
      Ah man, I didn’t know that. I knew he had issues with the director of Attack Force, I think they done 3 movies together? Maybe Flight Of Fury, Attack Force and Shadow Man? Maybe? Could be wrong lol.

      All the same, thanks for commenting Richard, DTV Digest rocks

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