Midsomer Murders Series 1&2 DVD Review

Starring: ‎John Nettles, Jane Wymark, Barry Jackson, Laura Howard, Daniel Casey

Synopsis: All nine episodes from the first two series of the popular British detective drama starring John Nettles. Detective Inspector Tom Barnaby (Nettles) uncovers the crimes hidden beneath the facade of local village life, with the help of trusty Sergeant Gavin Troy (Daniel Casey). Episodes comprise: ‘The Killings at Badger’s Drift’, ‘Written in Blood’, ‘Death of a Hollow Man’, ‘Faithful Unto Death’, ‘Death in Disguise’, ‘Death’s Shadow’, ‘Strangler’s Wood’, ‘Dead Man’s Eleven’ and ‘Blood Will Out’.

Review: Midsomer Murders is a British whodunit series starring John Nettles, fans may recognise John from the series which launched him to fame, Bergerac. 

While Midsomer Murders always begins an episode with someone meeting quite a gruesome demise it’s not all doom and gloom. The locations of the British countryside are quite a spectacle and the quaint villages look like nice places to visit [minus the various killings of course]. 

The pilot episode “The Killing at Badgers Drift” is highly entertaining and a solid pilot for the series. It forefronts that while this show may have murder in mind, it’s the lighthearted moments between Barnaby and Troy that make the show flourish. Barnaby’s relationship with his wife and daughter are always grounded and relatable which will give audiences a chuckle two, especially in moments of them trying to make Barnaby a more modern man. 

Season 1&2 feature some great episodes and some amazing guest stars, Colin Farrell makes an appearance. The opening theme tune is eerily creepy and delivers the right effect. John Nettles delivers a stellar performance as Tom Barnaby and brings the character to life, making him likeable and relatable. 

Highlight episodes, The Killing at Badgers Drift which sees the murder of an elderly lady, which leads Barnaby and Troy down a rabbit hole of secrets, blackmail and deceit. Written in Blood features a group of authors being suspected of murder, but who can the police really believe when each is known to conjure up wild stories!

Stranglers Woods finds a cold case reopening when a lady is murdered in the same manner as three women nine years before. Blood Will Out features a huge entanglement of family relationships that has loved one at the centre of the investigation when a family member is murdered. This one is a challenge to explain without spoiling any of the plot details, but it is one worth holding out for!  

Midsomer Murders DVDs out now courtesy of Acorn Media International, a division of AMC Networks Inc.