Midsomer Murders: The Complete Series Three and Four review

Starring: Daniel Casey, John Nettles

Synopsis: All nine episodes from the third and fourth seasons of the crime drama set in the picturesque county of Midsomer, where Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby (John Nettles) is continually reminded that beneath the tranquil surface of village life exists a disturbing propensity for murder. Episodes are: ‘Dead Man’s Eleven’, ‘Blue Herrings’, ‘Judgement Day’, ‘Death of a Stranger’, ‘Garden of Death’, ‘Destroying Angel’, ‘The Electric Vendetta’, ‘Who Killed Cock Robin?’ and ‘Dark Autumn’.

Review: Midsomer Murders series three and four keep tensions high and viewers on edge as we delve into nine more gripping murder mysteries. 

Series three and four of Midsomer Murders are entertaining. There is great acting and the main characters are all likeable. One of the highlights is Barnaby is happily married and has a family, this makes the character more relatable and likeable, it’s clear to see why older audiences loved the character of Barnaby. Also another bonus about Midsomer Murders is you never know what guest stars will make an appearance, series three hosted Prunella Scales and Orlando Bloom! 

The opening murders are still memorable and set up the plot of the story, while the side characters steal the show as they are all quite quirky and out there. Series three and four sees the return of both Nettles and Casey who are back as Barnaby and Troy. It’s good to see their relationship growing and how much Casey’s character Troy looks up to Barnaby and how Barnaby treats him like one of his own. 

The villains are always a challenge to guess and once you think you have hit the nail on the head with a suspect, said suspect either get the all clear or becomes the next victim. The writers are clearly having fun setting up the different scenarios to keep the audience guessing and it pays off. 

Some highlight episodes of series three and four are Blue Herrings which has Barnaby investigating murders in a care home where his auntie is recovering from surgery. Judgement Day sees Barnaby and Troy investigating the murder of a local thief, but trying to narrow down the criminal’s list of enemies is a task that’s harder than it seems. The Electric Vendetta pits Barnaby and Troy in the midst of affairs, angry hate filled neighbours along with crop circles and UFO’s. Sounds like an average weekend in Midsomer, right? Who Killed Cock Robin has Barnaby and Troy investigating a murder of man that vanished a year before, his body is found and he had been bludgeoned to death. Secrets and lies start to come to the surface, you will never guess whodunit! 

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