Nazi Doomsday Device ‘Atomic Eden’ (2018) Review


Nazi Doomsday Device, ‘Atomic Eden’ (2018)

Directed By: Nico Sentner

Starring: Fred ‘The Hammer’ Williamson, Mike Möeller, Lorenzo Lamas, Nico Sentner, Hazuki Kato

Synopsis: During World War II, Nazis developed a secret weapon, a Doomsday Device, intended to bring about global destruction, but fate intervened and the weapon was lost during the war. Years later, the location of the lost weapon has been rediscovered and 8 tough mercenaries, led by Stoker (Fred Williamson), are assembled to perform an impossible task with insurmountable odds: Retrieve the device before a Nazi Cult does! 800 Nazi cultists pour in on the location, with the intent to reactivate the device and complete Hitler’s final wish! It’s 8 against 800 in a do or die mission to claim the Nazi Doomsday Device!

Review: The Hammer is back baby!! Fred ‘The Hammer’ Williamson makes the return to taking a lead role in this all new action packed movie and he brings along German martial arts sensation Mike Möeller who also choreographed the fight scenes. The Hammer does what he does best kicks ass, takes names and all the while smokes a cigar!!

It’s nice to see Fred back in action, I have been a huge fan of his and always appreciated his screen presence in movies he has featured in. Fred does all his own stunt work here and shows no sign of slowing down, I am looking forward to watching him continue kick ass in lead roles in the future, it is always nice to see a legit badass taking names on the big screen, for me Fred is up there with the likes of Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson. The film itself is low budget and set in one location but that doesn’t hold it back at all. Its very reminiscent of Assault On Precinct 13. Mike Möeller who co-stars has some impressive fight scenes and should be widely recognised, with his speed and moves you can easily see him taking on Scott Adkins in a full throttle fight scene that would be gripping, fast and exhilarating. To finish the movie off we get a nice cameo from the Renegade himself, Lorenzo Lamas, who does not have any action scenes but his character is set up for a potential sequel. Overall I would recommend to fans of the low budget action genre who know what to expect to go check this out. Fans of the big budget Hollywood Michael Bay movie will be overly critical and won’t enjoy the ride.

Purchase available here: Amazon Video UK and Vimeo on Demand


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