One More Shot (2024) Adkins and Nunn Open 2024 with a BANG!

Directed By: James Nunn

Starring: Scott Adkins, Tom Berenger, Michael Jai White

Synopsis: This action-packed high-octane thriller continues right where One Shot left off. Following the attack on the black site in Poland, Navy SEAL Jake Harris is ordered to escort terrorist suspect Amin Mansur to Washington D.C. for interrogation. Waiting for them Stateside is veteran CIA task force officer Mike Marshall. He plans to use Mansur’s pregnant wife, Niesha, as leverage, forcing the suspect to reveal the location of the dirty bomb that’s somewhere in the city. Before the prisoner transfer process is complete, though, the airport is attacked by a group of heavily armed, well-trained mercenaries led by Robert Jackson. As they’re chased through the airport terminal by ruthless terrorists, Harris will have to use all his battle-honed skills to survive. 

Scott Adkins returns as elite Navy SEAL Jake Harris in the pulse-pounding follow up to One Shot, One More Shot. Director of the first entry, James Nunn returns for this explosive second entry which see’s Adkins character Harris thrown back into action. 

One More Shot picks up where the first movie left off, Jake Harris is escorting Amin Mansur back to the states, Amin is promised he will be reunited with his wife. Tom Berenger plays Mike Marshall, a CIA officer who wants to use Amin’s wife to get the location of a bomb hidden in the city. The story really kicks into high gear when a militia attacks the site where Amin is being held and Jake Harris is thrown into action once again.

The sequel ups the ante of the first movie, first of all we have a super high bodycount with Adkins taking out bad guys left, right and centre and it’s a treat to watch. James Nunn makes his directorial duties look effortless as he streams around all the carnage going on, some scenes really give you a sense of being in the movie and this heightens the viewing experience. Adkins as always is on top form proving he is once again a reigning champ in the action department, his physicality knows no bounds and being able to shoot the action scenes the way he does proves he is among the greats in the genre. 

Tom Berenger is in a supporting role and gets to fire off a few rounds, as always Tom is amazing and delivers a good performance. Michael Jai White is on hand to go toe-to-toe with Adkins. Jai White is an amazing martial artist and he plays a brilliant bad guy. Michael’s imposing size and gravelly voice always make him the villain that as an audience we fear. His fight with Adkins is fun, brutal and quick. These guys have given us fights before which saw them using their skills and tricks to deliver a beautifully choreographed ballet which showcases their unique abilities. The One Shot movies aren’t about that, Adkins character Harris is an elite SEAL who gets the job done in the quickest and most efficient way possible and that creates a whole new dynamic when these two titans go head to head.

Nunn has action for days in One More Shot and there are many sequences that will have fans cheering at the screen, it’s honestly a film you can watch then instantly rewatch. This has to be Nunn’s strongest movie to date and it’s an absolute blast for action fans that Scott and James open 2024 with this movie. Though the movie wraps up nicely, it would be fun to see Jake put through ‘The Last Shot’. Some action highlights are of course the finale, the ambush sequence when we see Jake thrown back into the thick of it and the train fight. Though they’re highlights of the movie this doesn’t take away from the sheer awesomeness of the rest of the film. 

Overall, One More Shot is a fast paced, edge-of-your seat thrill-ride that opens 2024 with a bang and delivers high-octane action that is sure to please action fans. Jake Harris is a character that for me can be Scott’s next big thing, Boyka and Bowman have ran their course (mainly due to piracy, but we won’t go there) but Harris is like a hybrid of John Wick meets Casey Ryback meets Mike Banning, I could watch Adkins play this character for years to come! In all, One Shot is the adrenaline shot we need to kick off 2024! 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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