Polterheist (2018)

Directed By: David Gilbank

Starring: Jamie Cymbal, Sid Akbar Ali, Jo Mousely and Pushpinder Chani.

Synopsis: In this “creepy and hilarious” British crime tale, two hapless small time criminals kidnap a psychic medium, forcing her to contact the gangster they murdered to find his buried cash.Racing against the clock with fear of reprisal from a psychotic gang boss, they accidentally unleash a demon hell bent on revenge.

Review: On paper Polterheist seemed like Snatch infused with a horror element. Sadly this was not the case, the plot has been treaded so many times that even infusing horror didn’t help at all. On a plus the effects for when they first conjure the spirit and we see the dead around the table was pretty cool. But the story and characters were not intriguing or memorable and the humour fell short. For instance there is a scene where a group are describing how they got attacked by a rival gang and then out of nowhere a joke about a man getting stuck on an island with a bottle of viagra and he starts having sex with cocounts and monkeys etc… It was either very poorly written or hands down the worst ad-lib I have seen.

I hate to write bad reviews, especially about indie films. I know they have a small budget etc, but sometimes we have to be honest.

For me it wasn’t my cup of tea and I wouldn’t watch it again, but there have been many good reviews out there.


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