Power Ranger Jazz Baduwalia Morphs Into The Action Reloaded


AR: To begin, can I ask you to tell me a little about yourself and how you first got into the world of acting?

Jazz: A little something about myself is that I love Working out and learning new skills. I got into the world of acting at the age of 13. What really motivated me and pushed me was Will Smith. Watching Fresh Prince of Bel-air and thinking to myself I Would LOVE to do what he’s doing and he’s having so much Fun. 

AR: In 2018 you directed and wrote a short film titled Resurrection Of Nikolai. Did you find it challenging writing, directing and acting?

Jazz: I did at first, find it really challenging, but I had an amazing team with me ,  and also had help from a close friend Angel Alvarado , who was also my co-star. He did an amazing job. 

AR:You have made a name for yourself playing the Blue Ranger/Ravi Shaw in Power Rangers: Beast Morphers, how did you land the role?

Jazz: Well, I remember back in 2018 I had just woken up from a nap and saw the audition notice in my email. I immediately had flashbacks to when I would watch it. I started working on the script right away with my acting coach and decided to take private Martial arts Classes 6 days a week, so I can be fully prepared. The whole process took about 4 and a half months. I remember dreading the wait to find out. But when I booked the role. It made EVERYTHING worth it. 

AR: Did you do you find yourself cramming in extra gym hours to be in peak shape?

Jazz: Honestly I LOVE working out. So putting in those extra hours didn’t really phase me. The gym is a very therapeutic place for me. Also, gives me time to think and get away from everything.

AR: I assume the auditions are challenging? having to be able to act yet perform to a high standard in combat scenes.

Jazz: Yes, the auditions can get very challenging.  But just knowing that so many people watch Power Rangers and are Big fans.  It would really motivate me and my costars to make sure , we are delivering everyday. 

AR: Pryor to getting the role had you much experience in the Martial Arts?

Jazz: hahaha I actually only had experience in Boxing before Power Rangers. 

AR: How did you find learning choreography for the fight scenes?

Jazz: At first, it was super hard. But we had an amazing Stunt team. They knew our weakness and our strengths. So they would only make us do, what we were comfortable with. 

AR: Did you get to perform many of your own stunts?

Jazz: I performed majority of my Stunts. But all the cool Kicks and Flips, that was my stunt doubles Shun and Daisuke. 

AR: What was the shooting schedule like filming Beast Morphers?

Jazz: Looooong *laughs*. We filmed Sunday – Thursday. 13+ hours.  And had ADR on Friday for about 2 hours. So technically we only had Saturday off. 

AR: A question I am sure many people wonder… How hot does it get filming in the suits?

Jazz: Super Super Super hot !! Shoutout to the PR Stunties, you guys are AMAZING. 

AR: Growing up were you a fan of the Power Rangers?

Jazz: I would watch Power rangers here and there. But I remember knowing how amazing it was.  Taught me many lessons. 

AR: Controversial questions! *laughs* Whose your favourite ranger in the Power Ranger universe and why?

Jazz: I honestly don’t have a specific favorite Power Ranger.  I like most of them in their own ways. 

AR: Beast Morphers had a very hyped cameo from Austin St. John. How was it working alongside the original Red Ranger?

Jazz: Austin St. John is an Amazing person. Super humble and down to earth. He taught us many great things and we LOVED hearing his stores back when he was filming.

AR: I think we have had our Forever Red a while ago, its time for a Battle Of The Blues, Right?


AR: What was it like filming your final episode?

Jazz: It honestly didn’t hit me , until I heard the 1st AD say , “That’s a wrap on Jazz”.  It felt so surreal. Because for so many months, the crew had become our family and just knowing that we were leaving in a couple weeks , was very emotional.

AR: Beast Morphers was such a strong series, very much like Mighty Morphin’. Great action, humour and characters. We could have done with another season right!? It was cut way to short. 

Jazz: Thank you so much!! And that’s what I’m saying !! Let’s do Beast Morphers season 3! Who’s in??

AR: I hear Dino Fury is the next installment. Will that feature the Beast Morphers team in any capacity?

Jazz: I hope so.  I would love to go back to NZ and see everyone and make another great episode.

AR:Would you be open to coming back in the future for guest spots or another season?

Jazz: Yes Of course. Always.  I LOVE everyone involved in PR. 

AR: If anyone reading this is auditioning for the newest series, do you have any advice for them?

Jazz: The Best Advice is to simply be themselves. Casting can tell , when someone is putting up a facade. Also, be fully prepared and be ready for any adjustments. Go Break a Leg!

AR: Another icy question. Were you a fan of the Power Rangers movie that came out a couple of years back?

Jazz: I LOVED the movie. I know a lot of people weren’t big fans of it. But I thought it was a masterpiece and the actors involved in the project Killed it !!! Great Job! 

AR: What lies ahead in your career after Beast Morphers?

Jazz: I have a project coming out in Late August hopefully. And the best way to keep up with my future projects is on my IG. @jazzbaduwalia 

AR: After your experience in Power Rangers, would you pursue a career in the action genre?

Jazz: Of course. I would love to do a badass Action movie. Who knows ?? Stay Tuned. 

AR: It has been a true pleasure Jazz! I wish you all the best in your career!

Jazz: Thank you so much for having me Jeff! I really appreciate it. 


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