Rabbit Hole (2023)- Kiefer is back at his epic best

Starring: Kiefer Sutherland, Charles Dance, Jason Butler Harner, Rob Yang, Meta Golding, Enid Graham

Synopsis: A private espionage operative battles over the preservation of democracy in a world at odds with misinformation, behavioral manipulation, the surveillance state, and the interests that control these extraordinary powers

Combining a sharp wit and keen eye for detail, John Weir is able to stay one step ahead of his adversaries.

John Weir, played by Kiefer Sutherland, is an expert at corporate espionage who influences business outcomes by carefully orchestrating operations that make his clients rich and his enemies poor. John Weir has a unique talent for manipulating the corporate world and uncovering secrets from his opponents. He is a master of deception and strategic planning, which allows him to come up with elaborate plans to make his clients successful and their enemies fail. John and his team are experts at their craft. Combining a sharp wit and keen eye for detail, John Weir is able to stay one step ahead of his adversaries. This ensures success for his clients and outmaneuvering their rivals.

As a result of his extensive experience, Weir has mastered the art of thinking ahead a dozen steps ahead, which allows him to pull off intricate schemes without a hitch. In spite of this, when one of Weir’s plans goes wrong, he ends up being the prime suspect in an elaborate murder plot that puts him at the center of the attention of just about every government agency. His ability to think ahead and plan out every detail of his schemes makes it difficult for him to anticipate every possible outcome, and when something goes wrong, he is the only one who can be held responsible. This puts him in a very difficult position, as he is now the target of multiple agencies looking to find out why the plan failed.

As a freelance espionage operative, John Weir specializes in manipulation and deceit – for a fee, he and his team can create narratives and moments that can shift the stock market or ruin the lives of the rich and powerful – you just pay him and his team start scheming.

As we meet Weir for the first time, he seems to be feeling a certain amount of comfort: he is well-established, he is good at what he does, and he is in greater demand than ever, especially in the age of “fake news” and deep fakes. This is because Weir is a master of his craft, and he is able to create stories that are tailored to the needs of his clients. He is also adept at using technology to create deep fake videos that appear genuine and can be used to manipulate public opinion.

His particular set of skills gives him the ability to use his extensive knowledge of information networks to acquire, organize and weaponize information to achieve strategic advantage. He has a knack for creating detailed plans that can be implemented quickly and efficiently, and he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. He has an uncanny ability to blend into a crowd and stay off the grid, but his real talent lies in the fact that he can convince people of almost anything with the right words and tactics. His ability to maneuver through the shadows and manipulate people has made him invaluable to those who can afford his services.

As the story unfolds and Weir ends up being accused of murder, he is forced to flee and go on the run. The entire course of his life is blown apart as a result. As Weir’s world falls apart, he is forced to confront his own poor decision-making and recklessness. His relationship with his latest one-night stand is an unlikely one, but it is the only way he can piece his life back together, as she is the only one who can help him uncover the truth.

As John’s greatest strength and greatest weakness, his paranoia is what defines him and makes him who he is and how he behaves.

Unlike Jack Bauer, Sutherland plays him as the smartest, wiliest guy in the room, rather than a killing machine. He is able to use this paranoia to his advantage, resulting in impressive feats of intelligence and strategy, while at the same time being vulnerable to its darker influences.

Instead of serving as an action hero persona, Sutherland’s trademark growl now signifies instinctive intelligence. It’s a classic Sutherland performance, even if it’s been tweaked for an actor who has a decade of experience playing more straightforward action heroes. Sutherland roars at his enemies and shoves them against walls until they answer, and generally delivers everything the audience expects from a Sutherland performance. His performances now have a greater complexity and nuance, while still delivering on the audience’s expectations. He is not just an action hero, but one who relies on instinctive intelligence to navigate difficult situations. His trademark growl is still there, but it has been refined over the years, giving it greater depth and intensity. 

Weir is portrayed by Sutherland as an intelligent, eloquent, and well spoken man who works hard to clear his name by employing an array of tactics in order to clear his name and attempt to stop the malicious antagonists at the heart of this storyline who are trying to harm him.

Sutherland’s portrayal of Weir allows the audience to understand the motivations behind Weir’s actions and his moral integrity as he pushes forward in his quest to prove his innocence. This helps the audience to connect with his character and his journey.

As Sutherland has become quite proficient at what he is capable of doing, he is able to run around, use the VPN connections that he has built into his computers, use all the hacker technology that Hollywood has embraced, as well as explore the current political climate at any given time. It’s a great opportunity for him to do what he is so good at. Rabbit Hole discusses a great deal about the Deep State, fake news, and the extremists who use online propaganda for a variety of purposes in order to control the public.

Supporting Cast

In addition to starring Sutherland, Rabbit Hole is enhanced by the excellent cast that surrounds him, especially Charles Dance and Meta Golding, which makes it a memorable experience. It is also fair to mention that dance is also portraying Dr. Ben Wilson, who seems to be having a great time playing this role as well. Building on the strong lead performance of Sutherland, the supporting cast elevate the story and make it a truly powerful experience. Dance in particular brings remarkable energy to his role, making the character of Dr. Ben Wilson unforgettable. Ben Wilson is a very crucial part of Weir’s operation as well as a mentor deeply rooted in the conspiracies of this story.

As well as serving as a love interest for Kiefer Sutherland, Hailey Winton is also one of the key characters in this story, as she plays both a key role in the complicated core of the story as well as serving as an important new character in the story. As Kiefer Sutherland’s love interest, she brings a sense of humanity, warmth and hope to the story. Furthermore, her presence helps to further develop the complex plot, as her actions throughout the narrative help to propel the story forward and add an extra layer of depth to the characters.

In addition to Jason Butler Harner’s brilliant portrayal of Weir’s friend Valence, Enid Graham also delivers an excellent performance as FBI agent Jo Madi, who is on the trail of Weir before anyone else is aware that something is wrong with him. Jo Madi’s character is complex and nuanced, and she is able to get to the bottom of Weir’s story before anyone else. Graham’s performance is both captivating and convincing, as she is able to portray the character with both strength and vulnerability.


This story involves many other characters, but to reveal anything about them would be a spoiler for what Requa and Ficarra have in store for you in the story. The other characters in this story are integral to the plot. They help to create the tension and suspense that Requa and Ficarra have designed for the audience. As such, revealing any details about them would essentially ruin the surprise that is in store for viewers.

It is a smart, edge-of-your-seat thriller that grips you from start to finish. As a viewer, you will need to pay attention to the storyline as you are thrust deep into the intricate world of espionage and deceit in order to follow the storyline. During the show, the audience will have to be engaged and keep their wits about them as there will be many twists and turns throughout the storyline, once you think you know what will happen, a curve ball will be thrown at you, and you will have to rethink everything. As far as the performances go, Rabbit Hole is a must-watch, with Kiefer Sutherland back to his best along with a stellar cast!

Rating: 5 out of 5.