Reacher -A knockout of a series, thrilling and action packed

Starring: Alan Ritchson, Willa Fitzgerald, Malcolm Goodwin

Synopsis: Jack Reacher, a former U.S. Army military policeman, visits the fictional rural town of Margrave, Georgia, and gets arrested for murder. After he is freed, he teams up with Oscar Finlay and Roscoe Conklin to investigate a huge conspiracy with corrupt police officers, politicians and businessmen.

Jack Reacher is BACK!

There is no denying that Reacher is brilliant! In a sense, this is an action-packed thriller that doesn’t try to be anything else than what it is. Ritchson plays Jack Reacher with a combination of strength, intelligence, and perceptivity. He delivers an amazing performance and brings Reacher to life! His performance demonstrates mastery of the character, showcasing Reacher’s capabilities with clarity and precision.

The Story

The protagonist of the film, Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson), used to be a U.S. Army military policeman, but is now an independent drifter. A man found dead near an overpass in Margrave, Georgia, prompts Reacher’s arrest for suspected murder. In the town of Roscoe Conklin, LAPD Officer Roscoe Finlay (Malcolm Goodwin) and Boston-born Detective Oscar Finlay (Malcolm Goodwin) take opposing positions on Reacher. In the midst of a mystery, Reacher becomes embroiled when Paul Hubble (Marc Bendavid) confesses to the murder without any evidence and it was his estranged brother Joe who had been murdered under the overpass. The situation is similar to a game of chess, where each side is attempting to out-maneuver the other for a tactical advantage. Reacher has to think several steps ahead of his opponents in order to stay one step ahead of their plans.

True to the books

It is a well-written story that follows the atmosphere of the books well, and the casting is excellent. Not only does Alan Ritchson look just like Jack Reacher, he also captures the essence of his character perfectly on screen. His portrayal of Jack Reacher is convincing and spot on, making it easy to forget that this is an adaptation of a beloved novel.

Jack of all trades

When trouble finds Reacher, he makes it clear that it will regret having sought him out if it does. In addition to the various baddies he encounters, he also forms alliances with Finlay and Roscoe, which lead to some genuinely humorous moments. In spite of being viewed as an outsider, Malcolm Goodwin is an invaluable ally for Reacher. This is due to his willingness to get his hands dirty to fight corruption, despite being an intelligent and honorable man of character. Roscoe, played by Willa Fitzgerald, has great chemistry with Ritchson and despite being a love interest she can stand up to the villains and isn’t a damsel in distress. With actors such as Bruce McGill, Chris Webster, and Willie C., Reacher and his allies track down leads throughout Margrave in the show’s captivating mystery. As the various characters Reacher and his team interact with, Carpenter, Harvey Guillen, and Kristin Kreuk perform well.

There are excellent, tense and brutal fight scenes in this series. Jack Reacher is convincingly played by Alan Ritchson, but all the actors did a good job in their roles. In light of the fact that most enjoyable stories today are ruined by today’s writers, this was a pleasant surprise.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Reacher is an excellent piece of entertainment. Alan Ritchson has a stellar performance as the titular Jack Reacher, and he’s surrounded by a solid supporting cast that makes the mystery entertaining and thrilling. Based on the books, the show promises even more adventures for the characters in future seasons, so I think this will have a long shelf life. Watching Reacher is like eating an exquisite meal. You get a sumptuous appetizer with the pilot, a delicious main course with the season, and the tantalizing promise of future courses for future seasons.