Rene Perez Presents ‘The Dragon Unleashed’ A New Martial Arts Action Adventure in New Trailer


Horror movie director lets loose a Ninja in the first trailer for “The Dragon Unleashed”

Presented by Kasey Dollar (Top Dollar films) and writer / director Rene Perez (Playing with Dolls: Havoc), the Dragon Unleashed shows us an American Ninja fighting, shooting and slicing through his enemies as he struggles with an existential dilemma.

Perez’s last film “Death Kiss” earned favor on the film festival circuit and has a release date for December 2018. Previous to that, his “Playing with Dolls: Havoc” has favorable customer reviews. The Dragon Unleashed also promises to be a violent blood soaked Ninja movie for fans of 80’s style action.

New comer Chase Bloomquist stars along side John Schneider ( Dukes of Hazzard & Smallville ). Also starring Emily Sweet and John Ozuna. This is first film from Top Dollar Studios is located in Northern California.


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