S.W.A.T: Under Siege (2017)


S.W.A.T: Under Siege (2017)

Starring: Michael Jai White, Sam Jaeger, Adrianna Palicki and Matthew Marsden

Directed By: Tony Giglo


S.W.A.T. leader Travis Hall (Sam Jaeger) has his skills put to the test when he brings a double agent known as Scorpion (Michael Jai White) into custody. The precinct is then comes under fire from cartel hitmen.


I have only seen the first S.W.A.T. movie starring Colin Farrell, it was pretty standard action fare if I remember correctly. This movie being the third in the franchise and starring Michael Jai White I had to check it out. Our lead hero is Sam Jaeger who plays S.W.A.T. team leader Travis Hall. Before I had seen this movie I had not heard of Sam Jaeger, so I have to say I was impressed by his performance, and most of all which usually gets my nod of appreciation you could see Jaeger was doing all his own fight scenes and majority of stunts. Michael Jai White plays the mysterious double agent Scorpion. Who we know little about until mid through the movie, when we get background on him and why everyone wants him dead. Matthew Marsden who I will always remember playing Schoolboy from Rambo (2008) plays Lars, the man who desperately wants Scorpion dead. The movie is full of gun fights and fist fights and certainly doesn’t bore the action fans. My only complaint would be I get bored of Michael Jai White doing slow robotic like movements that mimic a bad Bruce Lee impression, As we know he does have great speed and can pull off a good fight scene, it just seems he wasn’t utilised best here. Minus that I read other reviews commenting that Michael Jai White looks out of shape, which I just want to put straight and say that is not the case. The dude is a mountain of muscle, he also shows that in a couple of scenes, he is ripped.  As we know he does have great speed and can pull off a good fight scene, it just seems he wasn’t utilised best here In all a pretty decent movie, loads of action and fights and Michael Jai White mowing down a cluster of bad guys with a mini-gun, all great for a Saturday night.

Reviewed by Jeff Turner


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