Seized (2020)

Directed By: Isaac Florentine

Starring: Scott Adkins, Mario Van Peebles

Synopsis: Hiding out with his son Taylor on the Mexican coast, Nero (Scott Adkins, Doctor Strange) hopes to put his violent Special Forces career behind him. But after Nero’s home is attacked and Taylor is abducted, the mysterious Mzamo (Mario Van Peebles, Heartbreak Ridge) orders Nero to slaughter the members of three rival crime syndicates. If he fails, Taylor will die. With bullets flying and bodies dropping, Nero must now complete his mission ― and find Mzamoʼs hideout, to exact his revenge.

Review: Fans have been waiting for Scott and Isaac to re-team, after all it was Isaac Florentine that show cased Scott to the fans.

Seized is an action packed thrill ride, once again Adkins has a character that is badass and deserves a franchise. The character of Nero can be told in flashbacks or sequels.

Seized is a fun movie that doesn’t let up once the action starts, a small subtle highlight was at the end with the way Nero checks a gun once he picks it up, you can see how John Wick has influenced many action movies with details so minor.

The character Nero is essentially a John Wick type, a man who can walk into a room and practically take everyone out single handedly.

While speaking of characters Mario Van Peebles chews up the screen with his villain turn, well ish villain. He is not exactly a big bad, he is very charismatic and from the moment you meet his character you can see he has a code of honour and isn’t 100% bad. Van Peebles clearly enjoyed playing the part and his fun reflects on screen.

Seized is action packed with fist fights and martial arts aplenty. Scott never disappoints when it comes to fight scenes, his ability in martial arts and the speed he has is always fun to watch.

Seized may not be Scott and Isaacs best (It’s hard to beat Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear) but it’s a solid collaboration and a movie I would revisit again!


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