Sting (2024) – Suspenseful Memorable and Utterly Terrifying!

Sting delivers Arachnophobia on a much bigger scale and it’s definitely not for the faint hearted.

Sting subtly pays homage to old school horror with practical effects along with homages to some classic movies such as Aliens and Terminator. The movie see’s Charlotte whose curiosity spins a deadly web when she keeps a deadly spider who unknown to her has fallen from the sky and landed in the apartment block her family owns. 

Charlotte’s mum and stepdad, Ethan are busy with their new born baby and while Ethan tries to bond with Charlotte over comics you can always sense a barrier that’s between them. When the spider which she names, Sting, comes into her life she keeps it as a pet but keeps it a secret as she soon realises, Sting can communicate through sound and he has quite an appetite. As Stings appetite grows the buildings pets and soon the residents start to disappear – call The Police (bad Sting joke for older readers, I’ll grab my coat) 


Sting marks the start of the ‘Arachnocalypse Now’ and will become an Instant Classic among the sci-fi horror fans. Sting fits into today’s modern tone of movie making and feel but also harkens back to the classic monster movies of the 80s, bringing suspense, gore and terror practically. We are CGI free and at the edge of our seats. The visual effects are too notch and Sting never looks silly or unrealistic. There’s a shot at the end of Sting coming down a chute and it’s haunting and will become iconic in times to come. 

Sting brings the terror back to the movies, it’s an edge of your seat horror that will have you hiding behind a pillow. Rising star Alyla Browne delivers a knockout performance as Charlotte, Alyla really gets to channel her inner ‘Ripley’ and creates a memorable kick-ass lead. Director and writer Kiah Roache Turner pays homage to some of the best movies of the 80s while also creating a standalone, memorable horror movie that fans should sink their teeth into! 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Suspenseful Memorable and Utterly Terrifying!

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