The Brave (2019) Review

The Brave [2019]

Directed By: William Kaufman

Starring: Louis Mandylor, Armand Assante & Igor Jijikine

Synopsis: In an Albanian town known for drug production and trafficking an elite group of cops set out to end the war waged against the local police.

Review: I was instantly sold when William Kaufman’s name was attached to the project. William is one of them directors that may get given a limited budget but always delivers a solid action movie that is enough to rival anything major studios throw out. I love the way Kaufman delivers his action scenes, they are always inventive and fun and the gun work always gets me that bit giddy. It’s pure gold!

Louis Mandylor leads the cast, he stars as tough as nails, no nonsense taking undercover cop Rei. He is tasked with taking down a drug lord (Armand Assante). The movie is set in Albania which makes a nice change scenery wise. Its not often we are treated to seeing Albania, it’s usually either Romania or Bulgaria.

Armand Assante made a believable bad guy and had such a not to be messed with presence about him. He played the role to perfection and didn’t go OTT at all. Igor Jijikine plays the police chief, who in all honesty I expected to be corrupt. Igor’s characters usually are villains but no this time. The backstory and respect between Igor’s character and Armand Assante was a nice highlight as to how far they go back. Even though on opposite sides of the law have a mutual respect for each other.

Overall I loved this movie, its currently on Netflix! Definitely an action thriller worth investing in. With Louis Mandylor starring in his most badass role to date. William Kaufman delivering a well paced, slick action thriller, there is nothing to lose.


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