The Cannon Film Guide: Volume I, 1980–1984 (2020) Review

Author: Austin Trunick

Review: Austin Trunick delivers a solid first volume in his book The Cannon Film Guide.

Fans of the great and legendary Cannon movies will love this book. Austin Trunick [the genius behind the book] is a man who knows Cannon just as well Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus. For those who may need a refresh of some of the movies made by Cannon.. The Death Wish franchise, Delta Force 1&2, The Ninja Trilogy starring Sho Kosugi, American Ninja franchise, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 & The Missing In Action franchise…that’s just to name a handful of movies Cannon was involved in. Cannon threw stars like Michael Dudkioff, Chuck Norris & Charles Bronson into the legends we know today. Bold statement, I know.

Austin delves deep into the catalogue of Cannon and leaves no stone unturned in giving us insights into some of the greatest movies that were made, we are also treated to some very interesting interviews. Fans of action and B-movies in general need this book in their lives, it’s the Bible of all things Cannon and B-movie.

Fans will have fun reading trivia on their favourite movies from the heyday of Cannon, while-also discovering some gems they didn’t know existed, which for anyone [but Austin, of course] will more than likely happen a few times, as I have discovered a few myself while reading this book.

Action fans! Delve deep into Austin’s book The Cannon Film Guide: Volume One, you will not be disappointed.


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