‘The Predator’ Sequel Should Cast Joe Manganiello In A Lead Role


After watching Rampage and seeing Joe in his brief appeance I got about one million vibes that kept telling me this guy would make an awesome lead in a Predator movie.

From the moment Joe’s character gets out his SUV and heads ‘To Da Choppa’ he screams badass. I personally was more invested with his character than any other in the movie.

The guy also has the typical action hero build and seems like he could give the Predator a good run for his money.

Let’s hope that if Twentieth Century Fox see this, they get in talks as I think Joe is what could bring tee franchise back to old school bad assery. Maybe he could bring along this guy to?

Joe and Schwarzenegger made an awesome team in Schwarzenegger’s Thriller Sabotage, where once again Joe proved to look 100% certified badass

Let’s do what we can to try and get Joe a lead role in a Predator movie and bring back what the magic the original had.


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