Ultimate Justice Review

Ultimate Justice (2017)

Starring: Mark Dacascos, Matthias Hues, Mike Möeller, Brandon Rhea, Mike Leeder.

Directed By: Martin-Christopher Bode


A group of ex special forces commandos are called back into action when their former commander and his family get attacked and his daughter is kidnapped.


I had been excited for this movie since I heard it was in production, I am a big Mark Dacascos fan, so when I heard he was making an Expendables type of movie I was on board straight away. I was also excited as Matthias Hues was cast in the movie aswell and as a good guy!! I finally got around to watching the movie, and the opening action scene was great, it was basically just showing off the team, I also got to witness Mike Möeller in action for the first time and he doesn’t disappoint, I look forward to seeing him progress in the movie business. Another notable cast member is Mike Leeder, it was awesome to see him on screen blowing people away with his shotgun.

The fight scenes were choreographed by Mike Möeller and are very impressive, the only downside was there isn’t much hand to hand involving Mark Dacascos, which is a shame. We do get too see Matthias Hues kick some ass and take some names, I really wanna him and Dolph Lundgren team up to take down bad guys.

The only downside to the movie would be the dubbing it is a little distracting at times, but you do adjust to it and the twist at the end didn’t sit right with me. I cannot really explain without giving anything away.

As a whole it is an action packed movie with some really cool characters and great fight scenes, this movie also has the edge to kill off characters at any given time, so no one is safe until the credits roll. Definitely worth a watch as action fans will be highly satisfied.


Review By Jeff Turner


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