Fortress: Snipers Eye (2022) Review

Directed by: Josh Sternfeld

Starring: Jesse Metcalfe, Bruce Willis and Chad Michael Murray

Synopsis: Bruce Willis (Pulp Fiction), this action cyber-thriller continues the adventure begun in Fortress. Weeks after the deadly assault on Fortress Camp, Robert (Bruce Willis) makes a daring rescue to save Sasha, the widow of his old nemesis Balzary (Chad Michael Murray, “One Tree Hill”). But back in the camp’s command bunker, it appears Sasha may have devious plans of her own. As a new attack breaks out, Robert is confronted with a familiar face he thought he’d never see again…

Review: Willis, Michael Murray and Metcalfe return for the second instalment in the Fortress trilogy.

The second entry in the franchise opens with Willis kicking down a door, taking out some goons and saving a hostage, honouring a promise he made at the end of the first movie to enemy Balzary. The only thing Willis’s character Robert doesn’t know is that Balzary is very much alive and has a second wave if henchmen at the ready to help him eliminate Robert and the rest of the survivors at the fortress.

Director Josh Sternfeld makes his break into the action scene and Bruce Willis is a powerhouse of a name to nab in your action debut. Sure it may not be a full-fledged Bruce actioner but it’s always great to see him on screen. Sternfeld jas Bruce in the key scenes he needs him in and utilises his action chops to swoop in, kick ass and save the day.

Metcalfe once again holds his own and showing he loves roles in the action genre. Michael Murrays Balzary reminds me of villain Negan from The Walking Dead. Michael Murray looks to be having a blast playing the villainous role and rightly so, as he does a great job.

The action is frequent and the movie doesn’t slow down, Bruce isn’t in this entry as much as the previous but his presence is throughout, action fans need not fear as he is in the action finale. As fans of the genre know, the most important part of an action movie is the finale.

Overall, Josh Sternfeld delivers a great debut action movie, marking his first and one of Willis’s last. Fans I would recommend checking this movie and franchise out.