Godzilla Vs King: The Art Of The Ultimate Battle Royale

This book is a must-have for fans of Godzilla, Kong and the Monsterverse.

The Art of the Ultimate Battle Royale opens with a foreword from the director, Adam Wingard. He reviews the fervent production process, discusses the sheer scale of the budget, and opens up on some closely-averted setbacks. Wingard’s foreword jump-starts the book and has us eager for more.

The book includes a character rundown of those on-side with Godzilla and those who are staunch Kong advocates. The book explores the character quirks that show homage to Wingard’s most-loved movies, including the Titans. Ascertaining the ‘easter eggs’ of this legendary movie makes the read appreciably more engaging.

The book delves into the mythology of Godzilla and Kong, with fun facts from the writers. There is fantastic insight on how green-screen scenes were accomplished, and where the location set-pieces took place. This is illustrated with amazing concept art and BTS shots of movie scenes, including unseen pieces.

[Image Courtesy Of Inside Editions]

Mechagodzilla fans will love the featured Mechagodzilla artwork; there are some truly incredible pieces. We can read how they brought this iconic character to life, ready for the big screen.

The concluding chapter highlights the ultimate battle, with details of how it was composed and why Hong Kong was the chosen location. This chapter is brilliantly illustrated with finale concept art and storyboards.

[Image Courtesy Of Inside Editions]

This book is a must-have for any Monsterverse fanatics; it’s loaded with fun-facts, behind-the-scenes insight, easter eggs and more. The superfans and aesthetes among us will be thunderstruck at the stunning concept art, too.

[Image Courtesy Of Inside Editions]


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