**Interview**Chad Michael Collins Returns For a Howlin’ Good Time!!


AR: Thank you so much for coming back to The Action Reloaded! Last time we spoke you had filmed High Moon which back then was known as Howlers, you must be excited that audiences are finally going to get to see this?

CMC: Happy to be back! And yes, very excited that our action-horror-western film is about to be released. We made something really fun and special, so having to wait nearly three years to share it with audiences has been torture. But, people will find out that HIGH MOON is worth the wait!

AR: The movie had such an old school John Carpenter vibe, and even some of the score was reminiscent, was this an intentional homage?

CMC: Yes, it really leans into the action and the camp that made those 80s action and horror flicks so enjoyable. I think that was by writer/director Josh Ridgway’s design from the start, and HIGH MOON pays homage to those types of movies, which were so influential to him as a filmmaker.

AR: For me this movie was amazing, Colt was such a memorable character! Lethal with any weapon he gets his hands on, would he be a character you are keen to revisit again?

CMC: Absolutely – a gunslinger from the old West who takes down werewolves with his fists, pearl-handled revolver, a crossbow, double-bladed axes? You could say playing Colt was a dream role and a fun ride. And we expect Colt to ride again somehow, some way in the future!

AR: There were many Action and Horror scenes, both done at such a great ratio, do you have a scene in particular that would be your favourite?

CMC: I think my favorite scene of the movie is the flashback opening in the old West, the stand-off with Willie Price and his gang of outlaws in the middle of the dirt street under a full moon. Obviously, things escalate pretty quickly and we’ve got a full-scale fight on our hands, but I just loved the ambiance and the period costumes. Our team did a great job not only with the practical werewolf F/X, but the wardrobe as well.

AR: Compared to your other movies, this exceeds them all with the amount of physical fighting, hand to hand stuff, was much prep needed in order to deliver all them beatings, axe swings, and quick punches. Colts a very fast guy in combat!

CMC: Yes, it was easily the most hand-to-hand fight choreography I’ve ever done on a film. I’m used to a lot of gun play from all the Sony Pictures’ SNIPER films I’ve done, but this one definitely had way more fisticuffs. And I suppose Colt has to be fast, which is the only way to beat a howler in a fight, other than outsmarting them! If only he got his hands on a pair of studded brass knuckles spiked with silver, that would’ve been helpful. I’m going to call Josh Ridgway and make sure he has those for the next film!

AR: Colt reminded me so much of Walker Texas Ranger, and you guys even name dropped Chuck Norris! Coincidence?

CMC: I’m sure it wasn’t by coincidence. We filmed with Texas, and Chuck Norris is synonymous with that rugged, western tough guy archetype. So any comparisons to Chuck Norris are more than welcome!

AR: Colt’s stories and that universe is so open and big, the possibilities seems endless. I remember when we last spoke you said a Sequel and prequel were in the works, is that still the plan?

CMC: I know Josh has plenty of ideas, but we’ve been mostly focused on getting HIGH MOON out there and seeing how people responded to it. So far, so good – the reviews have been very complimentary and generous, and those who have seen it already really seem to enjoy it. One step at a time – hopefully it does well in the marketplace enough that doing a sequel or prequel is a no-brainer. That’s what we’re expecting.

AR: Will we get to see more monsters introduced? Maybe some Vampires? Demons? some crazy crossbreed hybrids?

CMC: The fun thing about building a supernatural universe is that it can be as layered and packed with monsters as you want. I think the main conflict will always be Colt’s vendetta against lycanthropes, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him turn his lethal attention to other baddies down the road. Evil is evil, after all.

AR: It’s clearly safe to say that Colt would WHOOP Van Helsings ass, but do you think he could take our man Brandon Beckett?

CMC: Well, I’m not sure that a fight against Van Helsing would be quite so easy, but if Colt was to face down Brandon Beckett, I think Brandon would be well-served by using his long-range weapon skills to end the fight before it ever begins! Brandon definitely isn’t stab-proof, and I don’t like his chances versus Colt’s axes!

AR: Thank you for all your support of The Action Reloaded and thank you for coming back to chat with me, I love where your career is going. I am excited about your future projects! I hope to see more of Brandon Beckett and much more of Colt down the line.

CMC: And likewise – we always appreciate your support, and hope to make more action-packed HIGH MOON and SNIPER movies to keep you watching for years!


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