Redemption Day (2021) Review

Most of us know Gary Dourdan as Warrick Brown in the hit crime/drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, now get ready to watch Gary switch sides and create the body count in his latest movie – Redemption Day.

Gary gets the chance to lead this action/ thriller and brings the character of Brad Paxton to life, while posters and trailers lead us to believe we’re in for a run of the mill action vehicle Redemption Day offers up a more of character based action movie. Brad Paxton suffers from PTSD and is fighting his own personal demons throughout the movie, Gary puts in a believable performance and carries these scenes so well.

Gary also has a great supporting cast at his disposal in the form of Ernie Hudson, Andy Garcia and Serinda Swan. Each of whom brings a solid performance when on screen.

Hicham Hajji delivers a solid action movie that features some fun action sequences and a blistering finale along with great characters and an awesome lead hero in the form of Brad Paxton.
Redemption Day is full of story and heart and delivers the action fix we have been craving.


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