Directed By: Ric Roman Waugh

Starring: Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Roger Dale Ford and Scott Glenn

Synopsis: A family fights for survival as a planet-killing comet races to Earth. John Garrity (Gerard Butler), his estranged wife Allison (Morena Baccarin), and young son Nathan make a perilous journey to their only hope for sanctuary. Amid terrifying news accounts of cities around the world being leveled by the comet’s fragments, the Garrity’s experience the best and worst in humanity while they battle the increasing panic and lawlessness surrounding them. As the countdown to global apocalypse approaches zero, their incredible trek culminates in a desperate and last-minute flight to a possible safe haven.

Review: Gerard Butler reunites with director Ric Roman Waugh for the epic disaster movie Greenland.

This was one on the anticipated list as Gerard and Ric’s last outing, Angel Has Fallen was quite the action delight.

Gerard Butler is always likeable in his roles and never phones in a performance and Greenland is no different. We see Gerard Butler faced with trying to get his family to a safe haven as an asteroid is going to cause catastrophic damage, well it is going to hit the reset button essentially.

The movie is quite intense and while you’re to believe it maybe a movie like Armageddon, it’s not. This movie deals with hardships and decisions and even sacrifices people make. The movie does feel quite real at times and can be very intense.

Gotham star Morena Baccarin is on fine form especially during the arc her character has to go through once she gets separated from her husband (played by Butler) and is trying to reunite with him, her segment was rather haunting and incredibly tense.

The special effects were on point for the disaster scenes and the shockwave scene when the asteroid first sends a fragment crashing to earth sends shivers down your spine.

Greenland is a drama-disaster movie that feels all to real at times and is quite intense. Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin put in some of their best performances to date and really do help you get entangled in what is happening around them.

Ric Roman Waugh has delivered another solid film! Check this out!


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