Shaft (2019) Review

Shaft (2019)

Directed By: Tim Story

Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Jessie Usher, and Richard Roundtree, Regina Hall & Alexandra Shipp

Synopsis: John Shaft Jr. may be an FBI cyber security expert, but to uncover the truth behind his best friend’s untimely death, he needs an education that only his dad can provide. Absent throughout his childhood, the legendary John Shaft agrees to help his son navigate the heroin-infested underbelly of Harlem, N.Y. Besides, the locked and loaded Shaft has his own score to settle — both professional and personal.

Review: Being a fan of the original and the semi-sequel reboot featuring Samuel L Jackson in 2000 had me excited about the fifth entry in the franchise. Not to mention we had Jackson and original Shaft Richard Roundtree back in the mix made it all the better.

When I heard Tim Story was going to direct this movie I knew it was in good hands. Alot of critics have panned the film. But what in the world were they hoping to see? I was expecting shootouts which I got, I was expecting to laugh loads and hear Samuel L Jackson say Mother fucker every other sentence, i got that! Most of all I wanted to hear that old school Shaft theme and I got that!!

The tone of the movie has changed from the other entries with the added comedy element, but it doesn’t take away from the film and the characters are still true to original form to a degree, just a tad tuned or modernised should I say. It’s kind of like the Bad Boys movies but with the Shaft characters.

Going in I was wondering if Jesse T Ushers Shaft Jr would be quite an annoying character, but I enjoyed his character and when push came to shove he was just every bit as badass as the previous generation of Shafts. Samuel L Jackson plays Shaft II as remembered, Badass full of attitude.. Just one bad mother… Richard Roundtree had more of a cameo as Shaft, in that cameo he got to have a couple of fist fights, shoot some bad guys and quip some one liners. The finale was a highlight watching the Shafts take on a group of disposable henchmen.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it and really hope we get a follow up, even though the initial release wasn’t exactly successful I hope the Netflix ratings pull it through. I would certainly love to see more Shaft movies.


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