The Good, The Tough & The Deadly: Action Movies & Stars 1960s-Present


The Good, The Tough & The Deadly: Action Movies & Stars 1960s-Present

Author: David J Moore

Synopsis: Exploding with beautiful images, exclusive interviews, and a thorough action star index, this one-of-a-kind movie reference book and comprehensive fan guide features reviews by the author, Zack Carlson (Destroy All Movies!!! It is a quintessential tribute to the men and women who have left their mark in the action and martial arts film genres.

Review: I am a massive action movie fan and I have to say David J Moore has made the ultimate encyclopedia to educate the newbie to the Action genre or widen a current fans scope on action movies that may not be known to them.

If your looking to watch every DTV Seagal movie or check out the widely popular Rambo franchise this book has it, along with some great gems to discover. The book not only serves as the ultimate Encyclopedia but it is also full of interviews, some highlights I found was the interview with Carl Weathers and also the interview with Wesley Snipes, whose TV series The Player is reviewed in the book. Even though it only last one season it was amazing. There are many more and I could ramble on for ages about the book, The Good, The Tough And The Deadly is full of great reviews and interviews and full of pictures to accompany everything, it is a must have for any action fan and any up and coming action fan wanting to broaden there scope on the action genre.


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